Help us imagine and co-design your city so you don’t need to own a car

INFUZE is an exciting new collaboration which is asking what kind of future transport systems can work better for people, business and places. We know that planning for a continuation of current trends will make our congestion worse, our streets more cluttered and will reduce the choices available to people about how to get around. Yet we also know that the options open to many people today do not compete with the car for convenience, cost, comfort or sometimes necessity. 

INFUZE starts from a different place. We think there are better ways of designing the transport systems of the future so people can go when and where they want without needing to own their own car. Such futures could help us build a more inclusive economy and society, free up spaces for people and meet our climate commitments.  

Change is difficult though. Radical change is not something that can be designed by engineers, planners, entrepreneurs and just given to people. INFUZE starts, therefore, by listening to what people think, explores what people can imagine and uses this to design better futures together with technical experts. INFUZE goes beyond just imagining what could work and, together with local delivery partners will build and test trial systems for citizens to try, evaluate and improve.    

From August 2024 we will be working with local communities, businesses and governments to reimagine how we travel and how we can design better places. Please get in touch and get involved. 

Why Act? 

Our Research

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